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Saturday, January 23, 2010

ducklings in the bath

Ducklings to make you smile

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Babies always make me smile.

I love babies they are so cute!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hershey Lady

I meet the nicest people!
Today I met a really nice lady at Dunkin Donuts who brought in candy to the girls there. She stopped by me and started to talk to me. She was a older lady dressed to perfection with a beautiful hair style. It's Christmas here in New York, she told me she came back from Hershey chocolate and wanted to bring the girls Hershey Chocolate because some of the girls never heard of the Chocolate factory. Lucy one of the girls at Dunkin Donuts made cookies for me and her regular customers and for the Hershey lady. Lucy told me she always worries that her older customers will pass away and it will devaste her. She has worked at Dunkin Donuts for 4 years. The lady was so nice and told me how she has met such nice people at all the Dunkin Donuts.

Recommend Wednesdays

Ruthie Talk Presents "Recommend Wednesdays"-
I am a huge fan of #FF (follow Fridays) on twitter. You can follow me on twitter at @rr4r-- I really wait all week for it, of course a geeky social media lover like me just eats up Follow Friday as I love to meet new people! So starting on Wednesdays I am asking everyone on RuthieTalk to start playing Recommend Wednesdays it's hump day so it gives us a great way to start our weekend. Here is how it will work- Since our network is about helping you get your name out Wednesday we can help each other out by introducing the people on RuthieTalk to each other and adding them as friends. You can even do like twitter #RW and list your friends @RuthieAppleby etc... if you would like, and use hashtags on the profiles of each page. If we get moving fast we'll just turn it into the chat, but for now we'll just use profiles until everyone starts playing. Invite your facebook, myspace, twitter friends to come play #RW (Recommend Wednesdays) on Ruthie Talk. Friend everyone and let your network of friends grow. The nice thing about Ruthie Talk is you can use it as your personal office if you would like, I hardly use email as I tell everyone just to direct message me here it's just so much easier I have everything right at my fingertips, my blog, my friends, my network, groups, etc.. Everyone invite everyone to Recommend Wednesdays!

Shepherd hear the Good News

Shepherds are told about the birth of Jesus
Luke 2:8-14
As the shepherds were working - going about their lives they were told about the Lord's birth and the Lord showed them his heavenly host. - Not only did they see the angels but they also were surrounded by the radiance of the Lord's glory! Jesus is born!-They were brought good news and this good news was going to bring great joy to all people. Praise the Lord for the Birth of His Son! The armies of heaven praised God - and it wasn't a small host it was a "Vast" host. Can you image what it must have been like for those shepherds ? It says that these shepherds were staying in the fields that night- more is coming - they left there sheep to go see Jesus! Imagine guarding your sheep and then having a angel tell you the good news and then seeing the vast host of heavens armies and praising and telling you that Jesus was born that night and where to find him!

Shepherds hear the good news