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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hard Work

Taking Control of your own "sales" Business equals HARD WORK
I work on a sales floor for Lazboy. But in a way I work for my self because I am the one that determines how much pay I receive for the work that I do. The galleries and desk I go to everyday is really just my office. Sometimes I have to tune out all the voices around myself and to remind myself that in a sense I am always on and just in and out of the office to make the sales. My goal is to do what is best for the customer and to only work with those who can promote me. As always in sales you will have other sales people taking up your day and time and at the end of the day hard work is what matters. Time is the currency of the wealthy. Use your workday wisely building your sales instead of wasting your time gossiping and joking around. Focus on the customer and put all your energy there.
Stay upbeat and positive and be full of energy.
Keep working hard and your business will pay you richly. In sales you have to remember that you are working for yourself. Take the reins on everythinhg that involves your personal business and don't rely on others for anything. Appreciate the help - but like a business owner and you do detrermine your own pay if you are on the sales floor and are paid commission for your sales. So don't waste your time with sales people that may not even be there next year but keep pressing forward and being the best top performer that you can be. Learn everything that you can about your products and work your names and your customers and keep building up your customer base and ask for referrals. Get yourself to the point where you are working with your customers 24/7 rather than joking around with the sales crew 24/7
Again for this to happen the secret is HARD WORK!

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