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Friday, November 27, 2009

Dunkin donuts Calendar

Did you get your dunkin donut Calendar?
I admit it, I love dunkin donuts! Hands down, they have the best coffee in the world, and I love the dunkin donuts near my place of business as the girls are always friendly. I am a
regular there. The free calendar has coupons for the whole year! What I liked to is the calendar tells a little about the History of Dunken Donuts. Here was December's reading "In 1946, William (Bill) Rosenberg invested $5,000 to form Industrial Luncheon Services, and began selling quality coffee and tasty sandwiches to workers out of a truck in Dorchester, Massachusetts. " - taken from the 2010 Dunken Donuts calendar.
Dunken Donuts is also celebrating 60 years of service.
Today I went over a second time to dunken donuts and they had a sign on the door for a new mint chocolate donuts and mint chocolate Latte yum! I got a kick out of one of the guys there I said how are they and he said fabulous! thumbs up to dunkin donuts

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