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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blogging for books

I blog and get books and products for free...
Okay, I am going to share something that some of you may want to start doing. I love reading and have lots and lots of time to read. If you are a blogger and love to read and try new products you may want to try and do what I do.
Remember Ruthie Talk is about teaching you to do things for free that others won't share or that would cost you money to learn.
I write to authors and ask them if they will send me their books and let them know I will write a review for them. What I do because I love to read is to read the book immediately and then post my blog so my readers can enjoy the review. I have had people tweet me on twitter (i"m @rr4r on twitter -- click ) tell me they love to read and it is fun when you are all over the net to get the feed back. I always point my friends to where I am so that the authors for the cost of a book get the most exposure I can give them. I love too meeting the various authors.
The other thing I do is product reviews and write to various companies asking them to send me products so I can review them and share them with my readers. Right now as I am typing this I am looking a some gorgeous tissues from Kleenex all done up in in a Christmas theme. I have the boxes sitting on my desk so HUNDREDS of people will be able to see them as they pass by me and I can share how great they are to everyone. of course if you like me and you are in sales and just are a social butterfly naturally you are going to share these things with people naturally. So if you love blogging and love free stuff and trying stuff and sharing your findings with others you may want to try your hand at book and product reviews. If you have a product or book you would like me to review please email me at and put PLEASE REVIEW BOOK OR PRODUCT in the subject line.
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