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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Keep me out of barnes and Nobles!

I just love barnes and nobles...I have one right near my job at Lazboy and it is not too far from my house!

I get like this bear..stuck between a rock and a hard place...while I am in barnes and Nobles I am just intoxicated with all the books that to an intellectual type like me is just a great big mind high..I go from book to book and just am drunk with all the wonderful books at my finger tips...the worst part is going home with only a few...I know I can go to the library but they are usually older books or you have to wait forever to get the book that you wanted to have already read by now. Well to make matters worse I brought my mom with me who is just like me and just love barnes and nobles. We managed to leave barnes and Nobles with about 6 or 7 books - religious, jokes, serious, stories etc... and it will make my face blush to fess up how much we spent.checkered, seniors, coke, pepsi, fruit, diet, doctor, nurse, soup, amazon, books, twitter, twitter, twitter, netflix, netflix, snoop, pepsi, air, jokes, yahoo, dove, do, cat, mom, social, media

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