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Friday, February 20, 2009

Welcome to Ruthie Smiles

Here is the spot where I just talk about daily life and anything I want to ...pretty much stuff I am just doing. Today I decided to start several blogs since I read about it in a book called probloggers...I thought why actually will organize my thoughts better and people that want to follow me can read about the aspects of my life they care about in a orderly fashion. It sounds complicated but actually it is easier and it will be easier on my readers as maybe someone just wants to learn how to build their business and doesn't care if i make chicken soup that day or vs/vs...this blog is where you will learn if i made chicken soup ha!

I made the title Ruthie Smiles because a good preacher's wife friend of mine Debbie had a dream about me and it was of me being really happy and it made her wake up smiling! It was a real blessing since I was going through a terrible time and didn't feel like I could ever be happy again...but I am and I am smiling...I am more than a conqueor! It's all good when you have God in your life.

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