Ruthie Smiles

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Smiling at work :)

It was a really nice day at Lazboy tonite. The stock guy and I and our manager sat around and chatted most of the day. We definitely had busy times. I was chasing 7 customers at once but it was nice to just talk about life. I always say at work we
solve the world's problems every single day. I ran down to Burger King and picked up
lunch for everyone and almost drove by the drive thru! I ended up having to get out of
the car to get the food. We were starving as we intended to eat at 11 am and then our
stock guy had to onload the truck and then my manager had a meeting with the owner and then I had a customer bam, bam, bam, they happened so close together that I didn't get to leave until 3:30 pm to pick up lunch. I love doing rooms and I got to design about 3-4 today. Which is what I really love to do. I get really happy when customers get great deals and right before I left the one customer had a really great deal a Keiffer sofa at $650- unheard of! I hope he comes back! Sometimes they don't know how great a deal these are. I have 3 total. So I can sell 3 at that price when they are gone they are gone. I get happy when I sell leather and all the trimmings-- but it just makes me feel great when a customer gets these good deals. We'll see if he comes back, he might :)it sounded positive but hey ya never know. So it was a great day. Very peaceful and I love it when the manager talks to me as she has lots of good stories and our stock guy was so sweet today. He's kind of my pet and I love playing with him. he's like my brother. He's a lot of fun. Everyone at work is like a family since we spend so much time together.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Welcome to Ruthie Smiles

Here is the spot where I just talk about daily life and anything I want to ...pretty much stuff I am just doing. Today I decided to start several blogs since I read about it in a book called probloggers...I thought why actually will organize my thoughts better and people that want to follow me can read about the aspects of my life they care about in a orderly fashion. It sounds complicated but actually it is easier and it will be easier on my readers as maybe someone just wants to learn how to build their business and doesn't care if i make chicken soup that day or vs/vs...this blog is where you will learn if i made chicken soup ha!

I made the title Ruthie Smiles because a good preacher's wife friend of mine Debbie had a dream about me and it was of me being really happy and it made her wake up smiling! It was a real blessing since I was going through a terrible time and didn't feel like I could ever be happy again...but I am and I am smiling...I am more than a conqueor! It's all good when you have God in your life.